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Friday, April 17, 2015

J. Sands ft. Main Flo, Dank - I Got Some Weed (Produced By Moka Only)

Artist: J. Sands ft. Main Flo, Dank (@thefakejsands, @MainFlowMusic, @DankHarv)

Song Title: I Got Some Weed

Produced By: Moka Only
Label: B.U.K.A. Ent.

Genre: Hip Hop

It's 4:20 time once again and our friend J. Sands is back with a THC laced track for the people. "I Got Some Weed" is the first single off of Sands latest EP "Dankovic". This single features an assist from Main Flo (Mood) and Dank (Frank & Dank/J. Dilla) on the lyrics and Vancouver, BC beatsmith Moka Only on the boards. Set for release on 4/20/15, "Dankovic" features additional guest appearances from Tislam The Great, Ready, Strawberry Kap, King Rudy, Dag Savage and Keysha Fresh. To learn more about B.U.K.A. Ent. visit

soundcloud shareable link below:


For media request contact: Greg Burke 804. 446. 1781
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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Amazon & the Mission to make it the Biggest Reserve in the World!

In 72 hours, the leaders of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela are meeting at the Summit of the Americas. Add your voice to call for them to create world's biggest Amazon reserve! 

An ambitious project is underway in the Amazon for the largest environmental reserve in the world -- twice the size of France! And the Colombian President just announced he will champion it. If we can create a huge global push now, and run national polls in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, we can give the project the public backing it needs!


Dear friends,

An ambitious project is underway to create the largest environmental reserve in the world, protecting 135 million hectares of Amazon forest. That’s more than twice the size of France! But it won’t happen unless Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela’s leaders know the public wants it. That’s where we come in.

Colombia has just said it is on board. Now, if we create a huge global push to save the Amazon and combine it with national polls in all three countries, we can give the Colombian president the support he needs to convince Brazil and Venezuela. All three leaders are looking for opportunities to shine at the next UN climate summit. Let’s give it to them.

The Amazon is vital to life on earth -- 10% of known species live in this magnificent rainforest, and its billions of trees play a key role in mitigating global climate change. Experts say this reserve would be a total game-changer for stopping rampant deforestation. Sign the petition now, when we reach 1 million signers, indigenous leaders will deliver our petition and polls directly to the three governments:

The fate of the Amazon rainforest is dangling by a thread. After declining for a few years, deforestation rates started rising again last year, and shot up in Brazil by 190% in August and September. Current laws and enforcement strategies are failing to stop the loggers, miners and ranchers. The best way to regenerate the forest is by creating large reserves, and this ecological corridor would go a long way to help save the fragile wilderness of the Amazon.

Some say reserves hold back economic development, others say they are implemented without consulting the indigenous communities. But those behind this proposal have committed to full engagement and collaboration with the indigenous tribes. And 80% of the territory in this plan is already protected. All that this ground-breaking proposal really requires is regional coordination and enforcement.

Indigenous peoples and activists have lost their lives protesting the devastation of the Amazon's ecology and their home. If we now unleash our massive global community led by Avaaz members in Latin America, we have a unique power to get these leaders to agree to this step forward in the fight against climate change and species loss. Sign now -- let's give these leaders huge public support for this amazing Amazon plan.
The Avaaz community has fought for our forests before, helping to face down threats to the Amazon in Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. This is an opportunity to win a tangible and vital project that could help guarantee all of our futures. If it works, this could be replicated in all the world's most important forests. Together, this could plant a seed that helps look after the whole world.

With hope and determination,

Alice, Bert, Ana Sofía, Oscar, Marigona, Joseph and the entire Avaaz team

More Information:

Colombia proposes world's largest eco-corridor with Brazil, Venezuela (Business Standard)

Colombia seeks 'environmental corridor' across Andes, Amazon (

What next? Brazil’s deforestation soared by 290% in September 2014 (REDD Monitor)

Amazon deforestation soars after a decade of stability (New Scientist)

Colombia to bring Amazon deforestation rate to zero by 2020 (Colombia Reports)

New Study Finds Dry Conditions In Amazon Add Carbon Dioxide To Atmosphere (NOAA Boulder Labs)

Amazonian Wildlife (BBC Nature)
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Five Tips For Managing Summertime Expenses

Summer is almost here, and fun times are ahead. Some things cost money, like a vacation, babysitter expenses, or an amusement park excursion. Before the expenses start piling up and get out of hand, plan your summer budget to keep spending under control. Here are five tips that can help.

Take advantage of nature.

As the weather turns pleasant, check out the local events, activities, and exhibits being offered at metro or state parks and nature trails. Many park systems host free events like bird watching, star gazing, flower and herb gardens, or night hiking to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Often led or guided by a trained naturalist or park employee, these events are entertaining as well as educational. Best of all, there is no admission charge.

Enjoy free cultural events.

Parks with indoor lodges and many theatres sometimes sponsor special summer events as a way to thank the community for support or to offer previews of upcoming attractions. Wine tastings, live drama, dance performances, living history demonstrations, or evening concerts may be available in your area at low cost or even for free on certain days or times. Call ahead for details.

Have a yard sale.

Planning a yard sale is fun and profitable for the entire family. Some prefer to have a garage sale in case of hot weather or rain. Either way, sorting out unused items and clearing the house of unneeded furniture, tools, books, toys, and clothing accomplishes three tasks - making extra room in the house, removing clutter, and earning money. Post fliers at local shops and businesses with their permission, and consider running an online ad in the community newspaper. Put up readable signs with the date and address a few days in advance. Have change on hand, along with bags for packing up purchases for buyers. Keep prices low to help them sell quickly. Depending on how much merchandise you have, you could make some decent cash that can then be used for a weekend getaway - or a trip to the ice cream stand.

Invite friends along.

Whatever your summer plans, consider asking friends or relatives to go with you. This is a great way to cut costs by splitting babysitter expenses, saving gas by using one vehicle, and sharing appetizers or meals at a restaurant. Look for two-for-one deals or half-off on a second purchase to save even more on special events. Occasionally, friends will have tickets to upcoming activities like a baseball game they cannot use and either give them to you or sell them cheap.

Host a cookout.

A great way to entertain inexpensively is to host a cookout or picnic in your back yard. Stock up on picnic supplies like paper plates, soft drinks, and burgers along with buns when they go on sale, which items like these often do in the summer. Make it a potluck event and ask guests to bring their favorite side dish and a fun skill such as playing the harmonica, bird imitations, or balloon décor for an exciting evening that may cost very little.

Summer activities don't have to be pricey. In addition to doing things like the above, you can also set aside a jar for spare change to save for next summer's entertainment. You might end up with a surprising amount of cash that you can spend doing something totally different, like taking scuba diving lessons. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and the willingness to explore new venues and experiences.

Jessica Kane who wrote this post is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for, a leading supplier of personal and business checks.
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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

E. Smitty - A Beat Tape

From the producer who brought you "Choppas On Deck By Asap Ferg, Real G's Feat. Kool G Rap, Pray For Me - Lil Dap" & many more, is the first series of beat tapes with this specific volume heavily influenced by 90's hip hop, that boombap. These are a few beats that E. Smitty wanted to contribute back to the culture. Free to stream $5 to download, Limited Edition Vinyl & CD's will be available May 5th.
Artist: E. Smitty 
Title: A Beat Tape 
Genre: Hip Hop Instrumentals 
Label: Sound Alive Records

BandCamp Link: 
For All Media Inquiries Contact: Mark 678.829.2238
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