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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kajieme Powell Gunned down only a few blocks from Mike Brown by Cops and nobody is buying their version of what they say happened

St. Louis Police Release Video Of Kajieme Powell Killing At Odds With Official Story

(Article by M.B. David) CCN
Only a few miles away from where Mike Brown was gunned down, police just shot another African American man. At first the police claimed a LOT of things that seemed to make the shooting sound justified. But the cell phone video that just leaked has contradicted police statements at every turn.
After rumors of an earlier leak, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department decided to release cell phone footage Wednesday that contracts the official story of the police shooting of Kajieme Powell. Powell, a 25-year-old African American man was shot and killed on Tuesday in St. Louis.
A convenience store owner had called 911 Tuesday when he said that he suspected Powell stole drinks and donuts from his store. A second woman had called 911 saying that Powell was acting “erratically” and had a knife… in his pocket.
Two SLPD officers arrived in a police SUV in response to the calls. The cell phone video below shows that when the officers got out of their vehicle, Powell walked in their direction telling them to shoot him “already.”
St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said that both of the officers who responded had opened fire on Powell when he came within a three or four feet of them holding a knife in what police claimed was “an overhand grip.”
But the cell phone footage that was just released contradicts this statement, showing Powell approaching the cops, but not nearly as close as was reported. Furthermore, his hands are clearly at his sides.

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Cop Gets Fired For Killing A Dog, While Other Cops Murder African Americans like Mike Brown In #Ferguson & Keep Their Job

Cop Fired For Shooting Dog, While Those Who Killed African Americans Still On The Job

CCN - Alexis Gamino says she loves all animals, but she is especially fond of her dog. Apollo was a 14-month old German shepherd-pit bull mix.
“He made me laugh a lot,” Alexis, 6, said of the canine.
That was before a suburban police officer from the Hometown Illinois Police Department shot and killed Apollo. Now that officer has been fired after shooting the young family dog.
The small community backed up eye-witnesses who said that an officer from the Hometown Illinois Police Department killed the dog in front of its owners. Young Alexis saw it all.
“My quick reaction was to grab her and run inside because she fell to the floor and started screaming,” Nicole Echlina, Apollo’s owner said.
Echlin explained to local reporters that Apollo had run out of the front door. The Hometown police had been alerted, and encountered the dog as he made his way back to the front yard. Echlin tried calling the young dog back in the house, but he turned and growled his teeth at one of the officers who interrupted the coaxing by trying to grab the dog. That’s when the officer drew his weapon and fired one shot, killing the dog.
The officer showed no remorse.
“He just said it had to be done. He walked up to me, told me that and walked away,” Echlin said.
Watch the local report below:
The shooting generated tremendous anger in the community. Several people starting a Facebook page called “Justice for Apollo.” The officer was put on administrative leave, and after the investigation, the Hometown police chief fired the officer who was a 15-year veteran of the department.
“This has been really an emotional roller coaster for the community, naturally for the victim’s family, my heart goes out to them, and it’s been an emotional roller coaster for my police department,” said Chief Charles Forsyth, of the Hometown Illinois Police Department.
Meanwhile, in cities like Ferguson, Missouri and Beavercreek, Ohio, protester have been demanding day in and day out that the officers who shot and killed unarmed African Americans be at the very least fired, if not criminally prosecuted. Some are drawing attention to and juxtaposing the way the Hometown Illinois Police Department responded to an officer killing a dog, with the way officers are so often treated when the shoot and kill unarmed African Americans.

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John Oliver Rips Apart The Ferguson Cops Using Comedy

John Oliver Comedically Destroys The #Ferguson Police Department

CCN- Comedian John Oliver devoted a large chunk of his HBO show Last Week Tonight on Sunday to the ongoing abuses by police in Ferguson, Missouri. Much of Oliver’s scathing critic was focused in a poignant 15-minute monologue on the militarization of local police departments across the United States.
Oliver’s critique of Ferguson police abuses was partially due to the over-militarization of all police departments he explained.
Oliver also noted that this isn’t the first time St. Louis police have been criticized for targeting African American residents. Last year, the St. Louis County Lieutenant was also highlighted for saying things like, “Let’s make the jail cells more colorful.”
Watch the video below to see Oliver take rogue cops from Ferguson and St. Louis area apart piece by piece…

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