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Saturday, December 29, 2012

"I had sex with him so he'd stop asking" is the air tight defense this smoking hot (you'd hit it) teacher is using. Bonus, caught by her husband

Husband uses GPS to track teacher having sex with teen

A 38-year-old teacher at a Christian Academy in Florida was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student after her husband tracked her down to a secluded area through GPS signals from her cellphone, The St. Lucie News Tribune reported Monday.
Amie Lou Neely, who teaches at Community Christian Academy in Stuart, Fla., was arrested Sunday on a felony sexual assault charge, the newspaper reported.
The teenager told police that he drove the couple to a secluded area by West Centennial High about a half-mile from Neely's house on Saturday morning where they engaged in sex, WPTV-TV reported.
Neely's husband, using GPS capability of his wife's cellphone, walked up on the car about 10 a.m., the News Tribune reported.
Neely explained to police that the 16-year-old, with whom she had been intimate on several occasions at her home, had kept asking for sex.
Noting "midlife crisis feelings," Neely told police, she thought that if she had sex with the teenager he would stop asking, the newspaper reported.
USA Today
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