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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let he who has never kept $60,000 in cash at his apartment cast the first stone

Family in new Jersey City apartment robbed of $75K in cash, jewelry while baby slept

Her baby was safe, but nearly $75,000 in cash and jewelry are missing.

A Jersey City family that had just moved into an Ege Avenue apartment building was robbed of $60,000 in cash and nearly $15,000 in jewelry on Thursday one of the victims found herself locked out of her own home, authorities say.

A 25-year-old mother of a newborn told police that she and her family had just moved into the second-floor apartment and she had put her infant son to sleep when her doorbell began ringing incessantly at 8 p.m. Thursday.

Although she was pressing the buzzer to open the door to the building, the person kept ringing her bell, the woman told police. Since she did not yet have a key, she left her door unlocked and went to the first floor to see who was there.
A man asked her for "Miguel," and the woman told him that he must have had the wrong address. But when the woman went back to her apartment, her door was locked. When the superintendent told her he didn't have a key, the panicked woman -- worried about her infant son alone in the apartment -- called her husband to come home quickly.

About 30 minutes later her husband, 28, returned home and found that the deadbolt on the apartment was locked from the inside, according to police reports. The couple entered the apartment and found that the baby was fine, but about an hour later thay saw that a bedroom window leading to a fire escape was open, police said.

The couple then began looking through their belongings and noticed that a pink duffel bag that contained $60,000 was missing, as was a yellow gold bracelet valued at $6,000 and a diamond engagement ring valued at $8,500, police said.
Police responded and found the pink duffel bag empty in a vacant adjacent apartment that shares the fire escape with the victim's apartment. Police also found the screens from the windows leading to the fire escape of the adjacent apartment had been pushed out.

The victim told police that he the large amount of cash in his home because he is a used car dealer and uses the money to buy cars at auction. 
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