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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mass Shooting Prevented; 3 Cops Hospitalized, Shooter Dead

Had the following incident taken place in a building where no one was armed, scores of people may now be dead.
Instead three have been hospitalized and the shooter is dead, because those in the building were heavily armed.
Three New Jersey cops are in the hospital after a shooter opened fire inside of their police headquarters this morning.
The three officers were shot at the Gloucester Township police headquarters by a suspect who was then shot and killed by police, Gloucester Police Chief Harry Earle told reporters today.
“Fortunately, two of those officers are in stable condition and being treated for their wounds and should be released sometime today,” Earle said.
The third officer was shot at least twice and is undergoing surgery at Cooper University Hospital, the chief said.
 The shooter was a suspect being held at the police station, 

according to the Associated Press. It is unclear how the suspect was 

able to obtain a weapon.
Via: Yahoo
Contributed by M. Frank Drover of The Daily Sheeple.
M. Frank Drover is a co-editor and contributor for The Daily Sheeple, an alternative media hub for leading headlines, head lies, opinion, and commentary. Wake the flock up!
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