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Monday, December 24, 2012

NRA yesterday: We should have armed guards at every school. NRA after this morning: We're gonna need armed guards at fires too

Two Firefighters Shot, Killed at Scene of Webster New York Fire

Webster, N.Y. -- Two firefighters have died after being shot at the scene of a fire on Lake Road in Webster early Monday.

Webster Police confirm that another two firefighters were also shot. They are being 

treated at Strong Memorial Hospital and are both listed in guarded condition.

The fire is at 191 Lake Rd. near Bay Rd. Webster Fire tells 13WHAM News that an unknown gunman opened fire on fire crews as they arrived on scene.

The fire has now spread to three houses. Webster Police confirm that firefighters have moved in to extinguish the blaze.

Webster Police also say that there is no active shooter.
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