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Friday, December 28, 2012

There Are Alternatives To The Junk Peddled In The Public School System

In a recent video posted here on the Post, we saw how the garbage food industry lobbies hard
to make sure its junk is peddled in the
nation's public school system.

Is there an alternative?

There sure is.

It's proven and it works. Make sure
you share this one with friends.

Nutriton that prepares kids to learn

You may not agree with everything on the menu, but this is a vast improvement over the poison school children are fed every day all in the name of a buck.

Is it possible that the problems so many children and schools have these days are food related? Could it be that simple?

The trend today is to demonize children and young people: drug them, psychoanalyze them, treat them as potential criminals. This is very profitable for the drug companies and the prison-industrial complex.

What's your school district feeding the children in its care?

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