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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We were busy over the Christmas while FDA was busy making sure genetically modified salmon becomes a reality in the United States

While most of us were focusing on the holiday season, the FDA quietly released preliminary documents paving the way for genetically modified salmon to become a reality in the US market.

FDA quietly moves forward
during the Christmas season

During the Christmas 2012 holiday, the FDA quietly moved the genetically modified salmon called "frankenfish" one step closer to market.

The Food and Drug Administration released draft documents that assessed the environmental risks posed by AquAdvantage salmon, which grow faster than regular Atlantic salmon.

The agency found, on a preliminary basis, that the GM fish, produced by AquaBounty Technologies of Massachusetts, posed no significant threat.

Mutated by scientists to grow twice as fast as a normal salmon, the genetically modified salmon created by the company AquAdvantage was blocked for approval by Congress back in 2011 due to health and environmental concerns.

The fact of the matter is that numerous heads of the FDA have a deep (or even current) history with biotech giants like Monsanto. People like Michael R. Taylor, the current Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA, was a Vice President at Monsanto. This is the same man that led an assault and subsequent shutdown of the largest organic peanut butter factory. Meanwhile, tumor-linked GMOs roam free.

And so will this genetically modified salmon unless activism prevails against the FDA and AquaAdvantage.

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