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Thursday, January 31, 2013

4:50 AM… Federal Agents pull up, two Flash Bang Grenades and then…

fed agent
4:50 AM… Federal Agents pull 
up, two Flash Bang Grenades and 
then…arecorded message?
“Federal Agents enforcing a 
search warrant” (Neighbors name) “Please come out of your 
house with your hands up”
Repeatedly played over a loud speaker while the agents waited 
in defensible positions out front.
This is how my neighbor was arrested 1-26-2013 at 4:50 in the 
I was sleeping with my bedroom window open since it was a 
beautiful night out. (I apologize to anyone freezing their cheeks 
off in other parts of the country; I currently live in Oceanside 
CA, so I was enjoying some fresh ocean air).
I believe what started to wake me was the large number of cars 
pulling up, down the street. Seconds later I was fully awake 
when the flash bang grenades went off; however, initially I 
believed these to be shotgun blasts. Because the blasts sounded 
so close, I hit the floor running to make sure my family 
members were safe.
Then the above (poorly paraphrased) recording started playing 
over and over lasting approximately 2 minutes. By the time I 
had checked on my loved ones and clothed myself, the recording 
had stopped and my neighbor was being taken away in the back 
of a 4 door car with blacked out windows.
The “Agents” I saw were dressed like your typical G-men- not 
soldiers in Afghanistan. There was no SWAT team. No local 
Police. No Urban Assault Vehicle. No door breech. And from 
what I could tell the flash bangs were deployed in the entryway, 
next to the closed front door.
Has anyone else seen anything like this?
Is this a new method of serving Search Warrants? Is it to 
prevent unwanted attention, lawsuits, keep the body counts 
down, or?
If you don’t know what Flash Bang Grenades are: 
The police in this video think FBGs are funny, but no one in my 
neighborhood was laughing.
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