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Thursday, January 31, 2013

4th Quarter GDP Numbers In America – And the Depression Continues

gdp‘The experts did not see it coming.’  Now, where have we heard this before?  Apparently the economy in the United States shrank the last quarter of 2012.  From July through September a 3.1% gain was reported.  Remember, this was the beginning of our new boom coming up on the 2012 election.  And then in the 4th quarter, BAM!, we had a negative growth of 0.1%.
Now what is wrong with this picture?  Well, coming up on the election, we hanging out here in reality tried to tell you that the GDP numbers being put out were a lie just like the unemployment numbers are a lie.  Then at that the end of the 4th quarter, the books had to be balanced.  The 4th quarter consists of October through December, you know, our harvest and Christmas season, the best our economy gets all year. 
So what really happened here is that the thieves posing as our government BORROWED our 4th quarter GDP to bolster the numbers in the 3rd quarter as a part of the propaganda to precipitate the fraud of the election.
In 2012 our economy continued to decline.  Net, more jobs were lost.  Net, more industry was moved out of our country.  Our wages shrank.  Our middle class shrank.  And another couple trillion dollars worth of our natural resources were stolen from us.
Where has all this wealth that has been lost from our country gone to? The same place it always goes, the international Zionist banking elite.  It is right now held in the bellows of the great pump known as the New York Stock Exchange.  The pump is again fully loaded and the outlet has been directed at off shore accounts around the world.  And when the diaphragm closes and the stock market dives, once again the experts will be saying, ‘We just didn’t see it coming.’
The elite are trying to hold off as long as they can, hoping more suckers in the United States will throw caution to the wind and throw their savings into the wash, thus the day’s propaganda, ‘Home prices are rising’.
Oh, yeah?  Well that is because the dollar is shrinking as $85 billion per month more is being borrowed in our great-grandchildren’s names to further inflate the bubble before it pops.  You see it takes more dollars to buy a house today than it did last month because those dollars are worth less and soon will be worthless.
We are seeing the final grabs before the collapse and anyone with an ounce of sense will empty their bank accounts forthwith and trade that worthless fiat currency into any tangible item available.  Look around you people, this is what the elite are doing, buying up precious metals and food.  Mark my words, time is growing short.
God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.
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