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Friday, January 25, 2013

9 Year Old Boy Shot & Killed In Brampton Was From Hamilton

Friends posted photos of 9-year-old Kesean Williams to Instagram.
Friends posted photos of 9-year-old Kesean Williams to Instagram.

Boy shot in Brampton was from Hamilton

9-year-old was student at Dr. J. Edgar Davey school — just before moving last summer

The shooting death of a 9-year-old boy in downtown Brampton is sending shock waves through a north Hamilton neighbourhood.
Kesean Williams lived with his family at Meridian Co-operative Homes on Ferguson Avenue North until last summer. He had been a student at Dr. J. Edgar Davey Elementary School, just south of his former home.
Peel police said Thursday Williams was sitting in his living room watching TV when he was fatally shot in the head with a bullet fired from outside his house.
The Grade 4 student at Sir Winston Churchill Public School was shot Wednesday night just before 11 p.m. and died hours later in hospital. No arrests have been made, but police believe the house was targeted. Kesean, his 15-year-old brother and his mother, Tanya Garvey, only moved into the townhouse on Ardglen Drive last week.
“It's appalling,” said Peel Regional Police acting superintendent George Koekkoek.
“It's totally unfathomable to think that, as I say, a young child sitting in his home, in the comfort of his own home, that something as tragic as this could happen.”
He added that the family is “obviously devastated.”
Police don't know who the target may have been, but they are looking at the previous tenants of that house.
Residents of the Meridian Co-op, and its property manager Johanna Crites, buried their hands in their faces when they learned late Thursday afternoon that the shooting victim was Kesean.
“Oh my God,” said Wendy, who did not want to give her last name. “People are going to be hurt by this. They are going to be quite shocked. We are a family unit in this building.”
“What a sad and devastating thing,” said Crites. “Wow.”
The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board brought in grief counsellors Thursday to Dr. J. Edgar Davey to meet with staff and students “who may have been close to” Kesean, said board spokesperson Jackie Penman.
“They usually stay as long as they need to for the students and staff,” she said. “Our heart goes out to the family for their loss.”
Both Wendy, and Linda Cullum a co-op board member, described Kesean as a typical young boy. Cullum recalled he was quiet and believed he was shy, but both often saw him heading outdoors with a basketball or skateboarding in Beasley Park, which is next door to Dr. J. Edgar Davey School. Both said he was “very polite” and Wendy said he always called her ‘Ma'am.'
“He was always very pleasant and very sweet,” added Wendy, who has lived in the building nine years.
Garvey moved into the 84-unit building in 1999 and lived in an apartment on the eighth floor, the top floor. She was known as a nursing home worker and served on the co-op board for one term. She was a single mother raising her two boys, but residents recall the husband coming by now and then picking up the boys and taking them out.
She once mentioned her mother lived in New York. Cullum recalled Garvey's mother coming to the building a few times to watch the boys. But, beyond that, they recall she was a “private person” and everyone respected that.
Crites said Garvey always stopped in her office to exchange pleasantries.
“When you asked her for help, she was always there if it didn't interfere with her work and children,” she said.
The building is topped with some satellite dishes and Crites said Garvey once asked if the dishes gave off radiation that might harm her children.
Garvey and her sons moved out of the building last summer because of financial reasons. She did not leave a forwarding address and Crites and residents did not know she had moved to Brampton.
“I've missed them since they've left our community,” said Wendy. “My heart goes out to them. I just buried my 37-year-old stepson. That was hard enough, but to bury a 9-year-old son that you carried for nine months. That's horrible.”
Peel police are canvassing the Brampton neighbourhood, interviewing hundreds of people, and already have some preliminary descriptions of people who were seen running from the area. Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans urged those people to assist with the investigation in any way they can.
Police seized a cab at the site of the shooting and three people are being interviewed as witnesses.
With files from Canadian Press
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