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Friday, January 11, 2013

Asking a prominent female politican how it feels to be a MILF - that's a firing offence in British Columbia

VICTORIA — A Courtenay radio station has fired the radio host who asked B.C. Premier Christy Clark a sexually charged question on air last month.
JetFM, a rock radio station that serves the Comox Valley, said it had released Justin “Drex” Wilcomes from his employment contract.
“We treat employee matters as private and will not comment further, other than to say that this was an internal decision,” the station said in a statement.
In a mid-December interview, Wilcomes asked the premier, on behalf of a listener, what it’s like to be a “MILF” — a lewd acronym that references a mother’s sexual attractiveness.
Clark laughed at the question, and replied that it was better to be a MILF than a cougar — a term that references an older woman on the prowl for a young partner.
The appropriateness of the question, and Clark’s response, was widely debated in the weeks following the broadcast.
The premier’s office said Thursday it did not ask for Wilcomes’ termination, nor did it complain about the incident.
Wilcomes had no comment Thursday. But he told News 1130 radio in Vancouver that he “did what was expected of me” as an FM radio station host and called the termination an overreaction. “I work at a rock station,” he was quoted as saying. “We do entertainment and comedy. ... I don’t think it was a bad thing. I think, more the media attention is what they were angry about.”

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