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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby escapes death in highway accident captured on this video

YOUTUBEVideo shows the Russian infant being thrown to the road after the crash and miraculously not being crushed by a semi-trailer. 

Baby escapes death in highway accident captured on video

A one-year-old Russian girl riding on the back ledge of a car narrowly escaped being crushed by a tractor-trailer in a harrowing incident captured on video.
Russian media reported Wednesday the 53-year-old driver of a Mitsubishi car skidded into the opposite lane on a road in the Nizhni Novgorod district about 500 kilometres east of Moscow and slammed into the back of a transport truck, flinging the baby onto the busy two-lane highway at night.
Another tractor-trailer roared past her as she peeled herself up from the asphalt. A third 18-wheeler managed to slow to a stop before hitting the cowering baby.
A man in the car ran to grab her, pick her up and put her back in the crumpled car. A woman gathered up scattered belongings.
Regional traffic police said the girl was riding “like a doll on the back shelf of the car” when the accident occurred Sunday night, Russian media said.
The baby was treated in hospital in Lyskovo for bruises to her head and face and examined for a concussion, Russian media reported.
Only a third of Russian drivers use car seats for infants and children, police said.

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