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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Canadians Can Learn From Aboriginals & Idle No More

 First Nations protest shuts down rail lines

For the second week in a row, aboriginal protesters have shut down a rail line carrying people to and from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Protesters have set up a blockade at the rail lines in Marysville near Kingston, Via Rail said in a statement on their website Saturday evening.

The company said it was not clear how long the blockade will last.
“Passengers with itineraries passing through the site of the blockade will be accommodated with bus transportation,” the company said in its statement.
They added customers wishing to cancel or change their itineraries would be able to do so at no extra charge.

Last weekend, a dozen native protesters blocked 12 trains and 2,500 passengers for nearly four hours as they staged a similar protest on the rail lines.
Via Rail did not say how many passengers are currently affected.
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