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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Could Tyson Bailey Have Been Saved If He Got To Hospital Earlier?

‘No mechanical issues’ found with elevators in building were 15-year-old shooting victim needed to be taken down stairs

National Post

The head of Toronto Community Housing said technicians “found no mechanical issues” with elevators at the residence where 15-year-old Tyson Bailey was murdered last week.
The teenager was found on the 13th floor of a Regent Park highrise at 605 Whiteside Place after being shot several times by unknown assailants. But emergency response workers had to climb the stairs to reach him after elevators in the apartment complex were not working, taking valuable time away from possible treatment. EMS was forced to carry Tyson down the stairs as well while .
Gene Ford, TCHC’s President and CEO, issued a statement Friday afternoon confirming the elevators were fully functional on the day of the shooting.
“Toronto Community Housing staff who were at 605 Whiteside Place on January 18 have assured me that both elevators were in working order that day,” said Mr. Ford. “The building’s fire safety box contained the key that emergency personnel used to put the elevators on fire service during the response.”
He also confirmed that TCHC asked the Technical Standards and Safety Authority to inspect both elevators at the highrise, later determining both elevators would have been operational.
“Some have suggested that mechanical breakdowns caused one elevator to become stuck on the third floor and one on the ground floor, at some point during the emergency response,” Mr. Ford wrote. “However, our building staff and a service technician called in by Toronto Community Housing found no mechanical issues with the elevators.”
Toronto police have yet to comment on the elevator issue while Capt. David Eckerman, a public information officer for Toronto Fire Services, said in an email to the National Post that they have “chosen not to comment on what is essentially police jurisdiction in an ongoing murder investigation.”
No motive has been established for the murder, nor have suspects been implicated.
National Post
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