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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Graphic Mass Shooting Video Released By DHS Alabama: Run Hide Fight

The Department of Homeland Security in Alabama has released a graphic mass shooting video in response to the recent mass shootings in Connecticut, Colorado and elsewhere informing people what to do if a shooter were to come into your workplace. Their advice? Run, hide, fight. The video examines each of these options. One logical option is not mentioned in the video though, if one or more of these ‘victims’ had a CCW permit, they wouldn’t have needed to pick up chairs and fire extinguishers as possible ways to defend themselves against a gunman should a real shooting scenario arise. The odds of a man with a chair being successful defending against a gunman intent upon doing damage are very low. Is this what the DHS has in mind for how Americans should defend ourselves against gunmen AFTER the gun ban has passed and Americans disarmed? I don’t like the odds…

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