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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hell hath no fury like a woman porned

Women sue explicit 'revenge porn' site after jilted lovers anonymously posted revealing pictures of them

More than two-dozen Texan women are on the verge of suing a 'revenge porn' website that has allowed their former flames to post racy photos of them, along with their personal information, on the Internet without their permission.

In some cases the women don't even know how the site,, which is hosted by, got its hands on the revealing pictures.

The site had been allowing people to anonymously assemble photo galleries of formerly private images accompanied by victims' names, home and email addresses, and other biographical information.
Some of the photos had been of underage girls, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
Hollie Toups and Marianna Taschinger, revenge porn victims
Hollie Toups, left, said her ex-boyfriend posted semi-nude photos of her on the website, which was recently taken down and is facing a class-action suit. Marianna Taschinger, right, was another of the 'revenge porn' site's victims

One of the site's victims, 27-year-old expecting mom Kelly Hinson, told the Chronicle that last week she was shopping at a Walmart when a man walked up to her and said, 'You're Kelly, right?' and then went on to explain how he had saved pictures of her, which were taken by her late ex-boyfriend, onto his computer.
'I literally ran off. I ran off,' Hinson told the paper.
She was quoted saying that people on the site were anonymously posting where she lives and were making chilling statements, including one suggestion that she abort her unborn child 'with a rusty coat hanger.'

Photos of Marianna Taschinger were posted without her consent online by a boyfriend
Marianna Taschinger told ABC News that a man she had been dating for a few months posted private photos of her on and referred to her as 'one of my exploits'

Hinson reportedly went to the police and to two lawyers for help, but her complaints were not taken seriously and she was told nothing could be done.
Another victim, Hollie Toups, told reporters the site contained semi-nude photos of her that she had sent to an ex-boyfriend, but she also uncovered self-portraits she had taken just to monitor her progress from an exercise regimen.
    Hinson and Toups are among the more than two-dozen women named as plaintiffs in a petition for damages and class-action certification filed last week in district court in Orange County, Texas.
    In the documents, reviewed by MailOnline, attorney John S. Morgan accuses of existing 'to cause severe embarrassment, humiliation and emotional distress' to the women who have unwittingly had their pictures posted on it.

    The revenge porn website has been accused of invading numerous South Texan women's privacy
    The 'revenge porn' website is on the cusp of being sued for invasion of privacy

    He charged that the the site's administrators and subscribers 'are all acting in a deliberately reprehensible manner to participate in activity that they know to be malicious.'
    A day after the threat of litigation -- claiming had committed invasion of privacy -- was made, the site stopped allowing anyone trolling the Internet to view the galleries, rate women, and post anonymous remarks.
    Only paying subscribers, who are also named as defendants in the victims' legal filings, could gain access. But the plaintiffs are still concerned that the photos could turn up elsewhere on the Web.
    Danielle Citron, a professor of law at the University of Maryland, told Forbes Magazine that, by posting someone's home address along with x-rated photos, these types of websites could be feeding cyber stalkers and helping them track down their victims, which could open the sites up to criminal charges, as well.

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