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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Honduran ambassador sacked over Christmas orgy

© AFP/Olivier Laban-Mattei
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Following a wild Christmas orgy with prostitutes, the Honduran ambassador to Colombia has lost his job. Sensitive documents are believed to have been compromised after the women and other guests looted the embassy in Bogota. 

The embassy was robbed while party-goers were entertained by prostitutes. The incident was so extreme that excrement was found in the ambassador's office. 

Ambassador Carlos Humberto Rodriguez was allegedly not present at the celebration held on 20 December. 

Local media reports that the ambassador's personal aid organized the party which resulted in computers and telephones being stolen. Evidence of an orgy was found in the building. 

The next day staff found the aid, Jorge Mendoza, sleeping in the laundry area while a Colombian man was found in the basement, El Heraldo reported. The paper alleged that Mendoza's friends and the prostitutes left the premises with computers and mobile phones. The police are now looking for the sex workers. 

It's believed the stolen computers and phones contained sensitive information on drug trafficking. Honduras has become an important hub for the Colombian drug trade.
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