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Friday, January 11, 2013

If you call in a bomb threat to your old school, make sure AT&T can't trace it back to your phone

Former Elsberry High student charged with making a bomb threat

LINCOLN COUNTY  •  A 21-year-old former student of Elsberry High School has been arrested after he allegedly called the school and threatened to blow it up.
Shawn Bryan Naber Jr. of the 700 block of East Fifth Street in Belle, Mo., was charged with making a terrorist threat.
School Superintendent Dr. Tim Reller called the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department Monday regarding a message left on the school's answering machine, according to detectives.
Authorities contacted AT&T and traced the call back to Naber's cell phone. He was taken in for questioning Wednesday and admitted making the call, police said.
School was not disrupted because of the threat. Bail is set in the case at $15,000 cash only.
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