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Monday, January 07, 2013

India rape victim's companion speaks out

BY Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim
Finally occur and admitted his mistakes or big mistake

I was not sure of the situation when we got to the bus
But my girlfriend was late and that is why we got was big mistake.
So the young man admitted that he committed a big mistake
He is a friend Indian student

Where he spoke friend Indian student being raped by a bus in New Delhi on December 16 and died Saturday
And because of this attack which created a big shock in the country, Friday for the first time about the "harshness" aggressors and shock he could not save her.
In a telephone interview with Agence France-Presse from Gorakhbur city in Uttar Pradesh (North) where temporarily reside at the home of his parents,
Said the young man, aged 28 years he had never seen the cruelty he saw.
And try to address the men, but then asked them to leave her alone.
The friend revealed Indian student was gang-raped to police and bystanders left his girlfriend naked
They lying bleeding in the street for nearly an hour.

And while they were bleeding in the street police officers and spent a long time arguing about where you should convey to him, as a friend
Where gathered a few people, but no one helps.

The cried out for help before the police came, but motorists and other passers-by did not stop.
On the one hand, police arrested 6 people in connection with this case,
Five men like, last Thursday, before the Court of specially formed to follow up on this file, on charges of rape and murder,
While such sixth defendant, who is in the 17-year-old, in front of a juvenile court.

It seems that the young man blames himself often
And seen the young man to himself as responsible for the accident and for the killing of the girl
Are young man suffering from mental illness now or in the future?
Question may be posed now
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