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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jose Ignacio Ortiz, 65 Is A Drug Addict & Toronto's Fourth Murder Victim of 2013: Cops say

Jan 19 police received call about gas smell at house on Melville, and found the body of Jose Ortez 65, because of blunt force trauma. He was found in his basement apartment, and, according to homicide detective Pauline Gray, the gas had nothing to do with his death. 

According Gray, Ortez was a drug addict. For that reason, he spent most of his time secluded in his apartment, which was located "at the rear of the house."

Ortez's murder marks Toronto's fourth homicide of the new year. 

He was found at 115 Melville Ave in Toronto"s west end. Originally from Equador, he was a long-term resident of Toronto.

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