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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Police make arrest in death of Kera Freeland from Toronto who was Murdered 2 Years Ago

Police have made an arrest in the suspicious death of a 20-year-old woman whose body was found northwest of Toronto almost two years ago.
Kera Freeland was pregnant when she disappeared from Toronto in January 2011, and her body was found two months later in a ditch on Heart Lake Road in Caledon.
The cause of death has never been revealed.
Less than a month after Ontario Provincial Police renewed their appeal for tips and revealed that DNA testing was being conducted, a male was arrested on unknown charges in Calgary on Wednesday, CTV Toronto’s Tamara Cherry reports.
The male is scheduled to appear in court in Calgary on Thursday before being transported to Ontario to face charges in Freeland’s death.
Freeland was from Calgary and worked in Toronto as an escort while living in an apartment on Lake Shore Boulevard West, near Royal York Road.
She was last seen in Toronto on Jan 16, 2011, and based on medical evidence obtained from an autopsy it has been determined that she died around the time of her disappearance, OPP said.
Investigators believe that her remains had been in the ditch since mid-January of 2011, as the snow and cold temperatures preserved valuable evidence, OPP said.
She was already dead when her body was dumped in Caledon, police believe.
Earlier this month, OPP said DNA testing was being conducted to develop a profile on biological evidence believed to be from a person who was involved in Freeland’s death or the disposal of her body.

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