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Friday, January 04, 2013

Police say more and more youth are bringing guns to school

Des Moines police say arms showing up at high schools

Weapons, including two guns, were confiscated from adolescents at Des Moines high schools on at least three occasions in December, according to a police report made public Thursday.
A loaded handgun was located in the backpack of a Hoover High student while at school, and a police officer located a 9 mm pistol in the backpack of another youth while working outside at a Roosevelt High School basketball game about a week later, the report stated. The report did not indicate whether the juvenile involved in the second incident was a Roosevelt student. The incidents appear to have happened in early and mid-December according to the report.
On Dec. 18, a 17-year-old Hoover student was charged with carrying weapons after a Des Moines police officer found he was in possession of an auto knife attached to a set of make-shift brass knuckles, the report stated. Balah Hasson Shaheed Rushing was being questioned at the school in relation to a series of shootings on the city’s west side when the brass knuckles were located.
According to Des Moines police, there were three cases of knives on school property at Hoover High School in November and December and two incidents of a person carrying weapons on school grounds. At Roosevelt, there were two incidents of knives on school property, one of a person having concealed weapons and one of a person carrying weapons during the same time period. At North High, there were two instances of someone carrying weapons on school grounds and another of someone with a concealed weapon during November and December. There were two cases of persons with concealed weapons at or near East High in December.
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