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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recipes and special offers from Kellogg’s* and New Balance®

Kellogg'sKellogg'sJanuary 2013
We'll Take a Bowl of Kindness
Happy New Year! Like many of us, you may be taking the opportunity this new year to make small changes — or big steps. Kellogg's will be there with you from sunrise to sunset.
It's 2013! You may see a year, but we see 365 chances to be your best.
Start Your Resolution in Style
Get a free New Balance* activewear tank top when you redeem two (2) Special K* PIN codes.†
Learn more
New Balance is a registered trademark of New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
Kellogg's* Vector - You're Working on a New You — Look the Part
Vector* will help you stay active in the New Year — and so will this free†† New Balance Lightning Dry® Tempo T-Shirt.
Learn More
New Balance is a registered trademark of New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
New! Give a Warm Welcome
Check out HOT new ways to enjoy Mini-Wheats* cereal.
Learn More
¼ the Size, 4x the Fun
New Kellogg's* Eggo Minis* Waffles have the same great crispy texture and classic taste as the big ones … only now they're four times the fun! Easier to rip, stack or top in different ways, Eggo Minis* Waffles make the mornings even more fun for your kids. Four times the Eggo* Waffle! One-fourth the size!
Learn moreAvailable in two varieties:  Eggo Minis* Waffles Original and Eggo Minis* Waffles Cinnamon Toast
Think Outside the Box This Year
Many of our nutritious offerings aren't simply meant for the cereal bowl — they work well as ingredients that can give a twist to your typical resolution menu. With Kellogg's, you can work wholesomeness into delicious dishes that are a great fit for your healthy lifestyle.
Mango Tango Smoothies - Get Recipe
Roasted Carrots with Hazelnuts - Get Recipe
Crunchy Orange Fish Filets - Get Recipe
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