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Monday, January 28, 2013

School lunches Sold to the lowest bidder

Imagine if surplus foods were the cheapest
option available, and schools were required
to buy from the lowest bidder for school
lunch programs.

No need to imagine. That's the reality in the
majority of schools in the U.S.

High fat, high salt, low nutrient density. That
describes school lunches across the nation.

School lunches are a dumping ground
for excess commodities
"The school lunch program is by and large a disposal system for agricultural commodities. The farmers grow too much of various things, the government buys it from them to support their prices and their welfare and then dumps it on schools." explains journalist Michael Pollan.

This is why you find mostly highly processed, fatty, terrible quality food in schools across the United States.

It's worse than you think: there are rules the require the school lunch program to buy food from the lowest bidder. Imagine if you were forced to only buy and eat the absolute cheapest food available to you. This is what's for lunch for most of an American kids' childhood. No whole, local or organic foods enter the picture in this system. They can't compete.
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