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Thursday, January 03, 2013

School Teacher arrested after police say her kids were shooting guns in the neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Jefferson County school teacher was arrested after police say her kids were shooting guns in their neighborhood. 

The initial incident happened back in October at the Jeffersonville, Indiana home of Jennifer Kemp and involved one of her sons shooting a gun repeatedly in a residential neighborhood.

Kemp was arrested on a new charge last week, and WHAS11 was made aware of the situation by a concerned parent. 

“I heard guns go off. The next thing I knew, cops was everywhere,” Thomas Witt said, describing the chaos when a teenager who lives directly behind him began firing a shotgun in late October. 

“The neighbors called police. The police showed up and traced it back to Ms. Kemp's home,” Clark County Assistant Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said.

Ms. Jennifer Kemp, a middle school teacher at Moore Traditional School, has worked for Jefferson County Public Schools for 17 years.

Police found her son pumping a loaded 12 gage shotgun at the kitchen table and evacuated neighbors until backup units arrived. 

“When they entered the home, they found multiple juveniles drinking alcohol. There were drugs in the house. Ultimately, during their investigation, they charged Ms. Kemp with maintaining a public nuisance,” Mull said.

Several teenagers, including Kemp's three sons, were also arrested.

It wasn't the first time police have been called to the home.

A report says an officer had conversations in the past about underage drinking and other illegal activity in her home.

Another officer indicated there had been calls to the home in reference to fighting, possession of narcotics and a stolen AK-47 assault rifle. 

Just last week, Jennifer Kemp was charged with cruelty to an animal, after her sickly German Shepherd was picked up wandering the neighborhood. 

“Nobody gets along with them in this neighborhood at all,” Witt said.

WHAS11 asked Witt if he could believe Kemp was a teacher.

“No. Especially the way she lets her kids run. She even threatened having them come over her and whoop me,” he said. 

We tried to talk to Kemp about the charges. She denied any wrongdoing and shut the door.

We have learned  Kemp has been disciplined in the past for pushing a student in a classroom  at Moore Traditional School.
Until her case goes to trial, she has been assigned to "non instructional duties."

Her trial has been scheduled for March.
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