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Friday, January 04, 2013

The old "I'm the good twin, the evil twin did that" defense works better if you're actually a twin

Police: Woman posed as twin when served warrant

Lee Hermiston
Police said an Iowa City woman hit a teacher with her car and pretended to be her twin sister a few weeks later when police served a warrant for the incident.
According to Iowa City police criminal complaints, on Nov. 26, 35-year-old Aisha Chante Watson drove her car into the semicircular drive at Lucas Elementary School, 830 Southlawn Drive. The lane is for buses only, so a teacher tried to alert Watson, police said.
Police said Watson didn’t stop and instead hit the teacher’s left arm with her car mirror. The teacher required treatment later in the day, police said.
A second teacher approached Watson and attempted to speak with her through her closed car window, but Watson dropped her daughter off at school without leaving any information, police said.
An officer was able to contact Watson on the phone. Watson allegedly told police that she was dropping off her daughter and that she knew she hit the teacher with her car mirror. Watson told police the teacher intentionally hit her mirror with her hand, police said. Watson refused to meet with the officer to provide a statement or insurance information.
Monday night, police attempted to serve an arrest warrant on Watson. Police said Watson was observed inside her home when officers arrived but hid in the back of the residence when police came to the door. Police said Watson eventually came to speak with them and claimed she was Nicole Nichole Watson and that she was visiting her twin sister from Illinois.
Police left the residence, but came back after obtaining additional information and arrested Watson. Police said Watson refused to listen to officers’ commands and physically resisted arrest. Watson admitted to using her sister’s name because she had an outstanding warrant.
Watson faces charges of leaving the scene of an injury accident, a serious misdemeanor; interference with official acts, a simple misdemeanor; and providing false information, a simple misdemeanor. She remains in the Johnson County Jail on a $3,000 cash bond.
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