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Friday, January 18, 2013

The ultimate freedom is Food

Food security is the ultimate freedom.

Rooftop and urban gardens are popping up in unexpected places, providing sources of fresh, safe foods.

Here's the inspirational story of how a Brooklyn community is producing farm fresh food in places that would never havebeen considered for gardens before.

The ultimate freedom - food security
Easier than you think

A breath of fresh air
Agri-business and the criminal government officials who work for them in Congress and the White House would like you to think that growing food is a difficult and hazardous process and too complicated for normal people to do safely.

Common sense initiatives like the one described in this video threaten Agri-business so Monsanto drafted a law to essentially regulate (i.e. criminalize) home production of food. It passed and it's on the books. Let's see them enforce it.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a positive group to contribute to, you can hardly do better than BK Farmyards.

People growing their own food is the ULTIMATE subversive act.

Details: Support BK Farmyards

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