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Monday, January 28, 2013

Toronto Councillor Ana Bailao Has decided not to pull a #RobFord

Three months after she said she would plead not guilty, Toronto Councillor Ana Bailao has decided she would not attempt to pull a Rob Ford "I did not do that" and has done a complete 360 and has  said she is guilty.

We are to believe that she issued a tearful apology Monday afternoon, telling her constituents she let them down.
She can not drive for a year and must pay a $1,000 fine, in a sweetheart deal where she pleaded guilty to exceeding the legal limit. A second charge, of impaired driving, was dropped.
She says she will not resign from council.
She said she had listened to poor advice in October, under “unrelenting” media pressure, rather than taking responsibility for her actions, as she always knew she should have. She said her lawyer who continues to think there are reasons she should plead not guilty, leaving us to believe this lawyer from hail from the Ford Camp.
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