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Friday, January 18, 2013

Update - Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit in Ontario

Income Security Advocacy Centre / Centre d'action pour la sécurité du revenu

Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit

On December 27, 2012, the provincial government announced $42 million in one-time funding for local housing and homelessness initiatives.

What does this announcement mean? How will it affect people receiving social assistance? 

A new update from ISAC and ACTO explains the announcement and how it relates to the loss of CSUMB.

It explains that, even with the additional $42 million for 2013-14, the elimination of CSUMB and the transfer of half the funds to municipal administration are a major change in social assistance policy.

It gives information on six negative impacts that people on social assistance will face as a result.

The update also outlines four steps you can take to respond to this major change.

We've also created a one-stop webpage for information about CSUMB - click here to find these resources.
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