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Monday, January 21, 2013

Was Tyson Bailey Murdered For Info Or Mistaken Identity

Our sources from the streets are confirming bits and pieces of info and for us this is looking too coincidental to be just coincidental, and this tragedy of a death of Tyson may be the result of vigilante justice gone wrong. 

In a case that is currently before the courts, it may very well be that the people who shot and killed 15 Year Old Tyson assumed that Tyson was involved in Incident/s they we're seeking justice for and if not that he had info on who they we're looking for. 

At first glance, it all sounds crazy, and yes the above has not been confirmed and we will Elaborate on the above comments when permissible by law. When you look at all the bits and pieces that is slowly coming together one could only come up with the above based on info currently on hand. 

Why Regent Park? That would make perfect sense that he would be lured there said a source we spoke to. "Get the cops off the trail and what real investigation are they really going to do with a black youth murdered like all the rest in regent park and area's like it?

We want to make note again, that this is just all speculation as we tend to think out loud sometimes, we will keep every one updated where as possible on this developing story and all of prayers go out to the family and loved ones for their loss. 
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