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Sunday, January 20, 2013

What about chocolate? Is It Any Good For You?

Chocolate provides all kinds of great health benefits!

Or does it?

Is there a way of getting the health benefits? we've been sold without heavy processing and toxic sugars of commercial chocolate?

Emotions run high over chocolate: this is a controversial topic. Here is one view.


We've all heard about the benefits of chocolate and it's heart-healthy properties.

But how healthy is that chocolate, really?

Most chocolate is processed to a state that would not be recognizable to the South American natives who have been using the cacao plant for thousands of years.

Is there something that still gives us the benefits of chocolate without the chemical processing and unhealthy sugars?

Not everyone agrees on the benefits, yet some say chocolate in its natural form is loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and a host of other goodies.

See for yourself.
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