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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What's In Store For Toronto In 2013

Psychic predictions for Toronto in the year 2013

The confetti has fallen and the calendars turned, but whether Toronto is on course for a more promising year is a question the city’s clairvoyants warn could dampen spirits.

As residents wake to greet 2013 in all its frosty glory, those in the chancy business of peering into the future see another year of political squabbling and disappointment for the city’s sports teams, offering up some predictions so gloomy you may just want crawl back into bed until the forecasted storm blows over.
“There’s going to be a lot of tension in the city,” said Tara Greene, a Toronto-based astrologer and psychic whose tarot cards warned of a rocky year ahead for Canada’s largest city.

Let’s begin with city hall.

After a year that saw municipal politics dominate headlines for all the wrong reasons, Greene’s astrology chart and tarot card readings pointed to yet another stretch of instability and political strife, with concerns over “corruption” and council’s lack of cohesion resulting in more questions than answers over what to do about the city’s aging infrastructure.
Greene said the city will continue to neglect its infrastructural needs as condominiums rise and the city’s streets clog with traffic — unless the city welcomes major political changes.
“It sounds like the City of Toronto is going to go through a huge upheaval,” she said. “This is a critical ‘make it or break it’ time … if the city is going to survive as a viable, world-class city, it’s going to have to change.”
“It’s not such a good time for Toronto,” she added. “It’s a testing time.”
Toronto-based clairvoyant Deborah Louise Levin offered similarly dire predictions on the political front.
“Nothing is going to get done. It’s just going to be status quo,” said Levin, adding that she foresaw major trouble with the city’s crumbling Gardiner Expressway in May, which may prompt council to focus on a new strategy for the elevated stretch of highway.
In terms of ousted Mayor Rob Ford, whose fate on council has yet to be determined, Greene pulled three tarot cards that pointed to an ominous future for the man — the Knight of Wands (a leader), the Prince of Cups (power, control and secrets) and the 9 of Swords (a negative outcome).
“(Ford’s) in a benevolent zone right now, but I don’t think that’s going to last,” said Greene, predicting that his time at the city’s helm would end in March.
Could a big win from one Toronto’s sports teams sooth our political woes?
Not when it comes to the Blue Jays, according to both Levin and Greene, who predicted the team would fail to meet expectations of a World Series Championship in 2013.
Levin, who stressed that she knew little about sports, said the Jays would show great promise at the beginning of the season, “but they won’t achieve what everyone thought they would.”
“It will look, for a short period of time, like they are pulling up their socks … but people will get their hopes up,” she said.
In her tarot reading, Greene offered a more favourable outlook for Toronto’s beloved ball team, noting that they would emerge from their slump and might even make it to the playoffs.
“I can see them at the top of stats by the summer,” she said. “There’ll be no big win next year, but they will make it to a playoff situation.”
Though Toronto saw a slight increase in shooting deaths in 2012, both clairvoyants told the Star they saw crime — and particularly homicides — remaining at average levels throughout the year. Employment levels, too, are predicted to remain stable in the year to come.
“The economy will not improve significantly,” said Levin, “but I see money going into job creation for youth. That’s a good thing.”

By StaffTorstar News Service
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