As a man accused of assaulting a paramedic appears in court on Wednesday, the Toronto Paramedic Association (TPA) is calling for tougher penalties for those convicted of the crime.
“Assault is never acceptable on any member of our society,” TPA president Geoff MacBride said in a statement
“Assault on a paramedic while a paramedic is engaged in their duties is absolutely not acceptable…The laws that protect them should match that dedication.”
There are stiffer penalties for assaulting police officers and fire fighters, MacBride said, and he wants that extended to paramedics.
Aron Sperling suffered a broken leg when he was assaulted at a Richmond Street restaurant earlier this year.  The restaurant owner called 911 when a customer refused to pay his bill.
The customer allegedly claimed to be drunk and fell off his chair and onto the floor. He was lying on the floor when paramedics arrived.
He allegedly then tried to run away, but was stopped by Sperling.
The 40-year-old will appear in court Wednesday.