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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bad Enough Boy Is In Hospital #WTF Boy's father caught stealing video game systems from hospital's waiting room

Police: Man charged with theft after visiting son in hospital

The father of an Armstrong County boy who was burned Wednesday night has been arrested for allegedly trying to steal from Mercy Hospital while visiting his son, police said.
Jim Skursky went to UPMC Mercy to see his son, 5, who had been burned while playing with a cigarette lighter at Skursky’s girlfriend’s house in Rayburn Township.
According to police, Skursky, who was not at the home when the accident happened, was in a family waiting room at the hospital when he broke into a metal cabinet and put several video game consoles and some controllers into a garbage bag.
He is now facing theft charges.
His son is still in the hospital after undergoing surgery, but the boy’s grandmother told Channel 11 reporter Julie Fine he is doing well.
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