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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bell's Bundles: Unlimited Internet Downloading for an Additional $10- Are you Taking Advantage of the Latest Competition War Between Rogers and Bell?

I have never been a fan of the telecommunications and cable companies in Canada. Ever.

Bell Canada had a monopoly on phone service forever, it seemed. I resented paying exorbitantly high prices for long distance calling across Canada. When I first moved to Montreal in the 90's I recall my average monthly bill was anywhere from $250 - $400. This is a reflection of a young adult adjusting to life in a new city and being home sick.

Since deregulation came in, we have seen a drop in long distance rates. With the advent of the internet, there are also voice over I.P calling programs that can be taken advantage of. I have used Skype for years and am happy that I can call my mother any time of the day for a flat yearly rate. The cost is approximately $40 a year for that. Skype also has an app that you can use for your Android or I-phone. I have placed it on my Android.  I frequently call my family in Newfoundland using it. I have no complaints.

I opened up my bills this morning. Not a fun task to do on a snowy Saturday afternoon. My mouth dropped open when I saw that I was being charged $77 in "overage" charges by Rogers for going over my allotted monthly download rate of 80 gigs a month. I nearly fainted.

I realized I was downloading a lot. I use the internet for surfing, reading news, downloading software and music but an extra $77 fee?

I went to and vowed that I would leave Rogers should I find a comparable deal with Bell for internet or if Bell had unlimited downloading. BELL DOES! BELL IS NOW OFFERING BUNDLE PACKAGES WITH UNLIMITED INTERNET DOWNLOADING FOR AN ADDED $10 A MONTH!

I called Rogers and after speaking with three people I was connected to the right person in the "loyalty department." I told the nice lady that I was giving her an opportunity to offer me something similar to Bell's promotions or I was bolting this very day. She looked at my account and saw that I have been a Rogers customer probably longer than she's lived.

"Ma'am I can give you the same service you have now: all your cable channels, movie channels, and internet with a limit of 300 gigs a month." She declared, "I can also offer you a discount of $14.95. You will save money on your bill and since you generally are around 100-130 gigs monthly, you should be safe."

Upon reflection, I thought OK this sounds good. I am most concerned about "overage" with internet downloading.

I informed the nice customer service lady that I shall stay a Rogers customer, but I urge Rogers to also start to offer an unlimited program for internet usage.

My advice to you: if you are a Rogers customer and you download a lot, threaten to leave them for Bell. Bell's offer is almost too good to refuse. The reason I stayed with Rogers is because it is a relatively dependable internet service, (though there have been some outages lately), it is fast and frankly I hate setting up new stuff. Laziness I guess.

Below I have taken screen shots of the services that Bell offers and services that Rogers offers. Judge for yourself, however it is almost worth jumping to Bell as I see they have amazing deals.

This feature article brought to you by Mitzi Brown

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