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Monday, February 04, 2013

Beyoncé electrifies at #SuperBowl halftime with the Destiny's Child reunion

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If naysayers still doubted 

Beyoncé's singing talents — 

even after her national 


performance last week at a 

press conference — the 


proved she is an exceptional 

performer at the Super Bowl 

halftime show.

Beyoncé opened and closed her set Sunday belting out songs, 

and in between, she danced hard and heavy — and better than 

most contemporary pop stars.
She set a serious tone as she emerged onstage in all black, 

singing lines from her R&B hit Love on Top. The stage was 

dark as fire and lights burst from the sides. Then she went into 

her hit Crazy in Love, bringing some feminine spirit to the 

Superdome in New Orleans as she and her background dancers 

did the singer's signature booty-shaking dance. Beyoncé ripped 

off part of her shirt and skirt. She even blew a kiss. She was 

ready to rock, and she did so like a pro.
Her confidence — and voice — grew as she worked the stage 

with and without her Destiny's Child band mates during her 13-

minute set, which came days after she admitted she sang to a 

prerecorded track at President Barack Obama's inauguration 

less than two weeks ago.
Beyoncé proved not only that she can sing, but that she can also 

entertain on a stage as big as the Super Bowl's. The 31-year-old 

was far better than Madonna, who sang to a backing track last 

year, and miles ahead of the Black Eyed Peas' disastrous set in 

Beyoncé was best when she finished her set with Halo. She 

asked the crowd to put their hands toward her as she sang the 

slow groove on bended knee — and that's when the 

performance hit its high note.

"Thank you for this moment," she told the crowd. "God bless 


Elaborate choreography

Her background singers helped out as Beyoncé danced around 

the stage throughout most of her performance. There was a 

backing track to help fill in when Beyoncé wasn't singing, and 

there were long stretches when she let it play as she performed 

elaborate dance moves.
She had a swarm of background dancers and band members 

spread throughout the stage, along with videotaped images of 

the singer dancing that may have unintentionally played on the 

live-or-taped question. And the crowd got bigger when she was 

joined by her Destiny's Child band mates.
Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams popped up from below 

the stage to sing Bootylicious. They were in similar outfits, 

singing and dancing closely as they harmonized. But Rowland 

and Williams were barely heard when the group sang 

Independent Woman, as their voices faded into the background.

They also joined in for some of Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

where Beyoncé's voice grew stronger. That song featured 

Beyoncé's skilled choreography, as did End of Time and Baby 

Boy, which also showcased her all-female band, balancing out 

the testosterone levels on the football field.

Keys, Hudson's pre-game performances

Before the game, Alicia Keys performed a lounge-y, piano-

tinged version of the national anthem that her publicist assured 

was live. The Grammy-winning singer played the piano as she 

sang The Star-Spangled Bannerin a long red dress with her 

eyes shut.
She followed Jennifer Hudson, who sang America the Beautiful 

with the 26-member Sandy Hook Elementary School chorus. It 

was an emotional performance that had some players on the 

sideline on the verge of tears. Hudson also sang live, her 

publicist said.
The students wore green ribbons on their shirts in honour of the 

20 first-graders and six adults who were killed in a Dec. 14 

shooting rampage at the school in Newtown, Conn.
The students began the song softly before Hudson, whose 

mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew were shot to death five 

years ago, jumped in with her gospel-flavoured vocals. She 

stood still in black and white as the students moved to the left 

and right, singing background.
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