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Monday, February 11, 2013

Body Removal & Transport Orders: Canada

transport canadaAccording to documents from the 
Ministry of Justice in BC, Canada, body 
removal and transport orders are being 
‘tendered’ as outlined below in the 
freak-show, almost movie-like unfolding 
of what appears to be a coming 
Holocaust. What in the world are they planning for this time? BC 
lies on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Earthquake? Tsunami?
Keep an eye out on these locations listed below, the closing bid 
date for one is March 1st, merely 18 days away. They request to 
receive their ‘goods’ by May 1st, 2013. Tiny places like Quesnel, 
Vanderhoof, Kamloops, North Island, South Okanagan and 
Campbell River are on the list. You can check the documents 
yourself. Cybertribe Network shows you how to track down the 
documents below along with screenshots.What do you think, is this 
just normal preparation for the one inevitable in life by ‘caring’ 
government officials? With everything else unfolding around the 
world, I have to doubt it. Why is the Ministry of Justice getting 
involved when these towns have their own morgues and facilities? 
‘X’ and Cybertribe Network hash this all out for us in the video 
ok it wont allow anyone to click the links so I think you got to go here first,…
then click “browse for bid opportunities”
then click “browse all open opportunities”…
Then scroll through the 7 pages of tenders and you will see about 15 orders from the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE for body transport and removal!!! yes thats right 15
when you get there, go to pages 8,9,11, and 12… you will see all the orders there!!
Here is the PDF of one of the orders:
you will see more orders on page 6 or 7 but they are scattered throughout the 10 pages or so
good luck guys
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