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Friday, February 01, 2013

Catholic Children’s Aid In Ontario Covered Up Sex Crimes, What Else Have They Covered Up

Children’s Aid did not report sex crime, court told

The CCAS didn't report the fact a 15-year-old girl in its care had become pregnant by an adult 35 years ago, court hears.

Toronto Star

A former TTC employee impregnated a 15-year-old girl in the care of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society 35 years ago, but the agency never reported the incident to police, a court has heard.
Howard Smith, 61, admitted Tuesday in Ontario Superior Court to having full intercourse three or four times with the girl in 1978 without using a condom, thus impregnating her when he was in his late 20s.
The CCAS became aware of the pregnancy and placed the girl in a home for unwed mothers.
“The CCAS never reported these incidents to any police service,” said Crown prosecutor Johnathan Smith, as he read out an agreed statement of facts.
Catholic Children’s Aid Society spokesperson Gehna Singh said she could not comment Tuesday because it would take a day to locate the file.
The defendant Smith (no relation to the Crown) stood beside his lawyers John Collins and Robert Warren and pleaded guilty Tuesday to having intercourse with a female under age 16 and another related charge.
It is expected the Crown will withdraw a rape charge when he returns for sentencing March 7.
The prosecutor said he will seek more than two years in prison, while the defence is expected to ask for a conditional sentence.
Both Crown and defence confirmed Smith once worked for the Toronto Transit Commission, but could not say in what role.
The victim was in and out of the society’s care from the time she was 6, leaving her in an emotionally fragile state, the prosecutor told Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Kelly.
The victim, now 49, sobbed and shook in court.
She kept the baby and raised her, initially on her own, and subsequently with a partner. The daughter believed her biological father was the partner until the victim told her the truth when she was a teenager.
In April 2010, the victim contacted police with the allegations.
Toronto police subsequently asked Smith if he would provide a DNA sample. He consented and subsequent tests showed he was the father of the girl.
Police arrested and charged him.
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  1. The CCAS and CAS tend to neglect the important cases and focus on the photo-op, easily handled, palm smacking wastes of time to appear like they actually care about the children.

  2. The Children's Aid what ever society is nothing but a money racket all across Ontario and cares nothing about children, why do you think it has a high turn over for employees who actually care but are sickened about what they find when they start to work for this crowd that is noting but a leech to the tax payer and needs oversight and needs to be held to account for their policies and action.

  3. I would agree Sharon, why is Ontario one of the only ones in Canada that does not have oversight by the Ombudsman, really, what do they have to hide? You would think that for a group that spends well over a billion a year of our money they would not be left to investigate their own wrong doings, might as well start letting criminals judge themselves in the court of law.

  4. The above article may be a long time ago but trust me, the CAS has not changed a bit. The CAS has no Transparency and accountability if they did their lobby would not be fighting against oversight and their workers who keep breaking laws would be held to account. The people in Ontario need to wake up and stop this abuse of power that they have been given.

  5. I am a single mother who is a part time student, trying to Graduate from the college I attend. I am part time, but in reality put full time hours in as a student as well do cash jobs (that's all I can get) to try to try and support my 3 kids. I can't qualify for a child care subsidy for daycare in the City of Toronto which would assist me better while I get my education. I am not on social assistance but if I was they would call me a criminal and say I am double dipping (cash jobs while collecting welfare) but yet there are groups like the CAS who in reality are just non profit organizations with a mandate from Government that don't want liability that are all have charitable status collecting millions each year in donations while receiving Government funding. Who's the double dipper now?
    I can see why the CAS does not want any one to have power to investigate them because then everyone would finally see who they really are.

  6. Howard Smith the TTC employee charged with rape and impragnating a young girl at the age of 15, 35 years ago, worked as the Superindendent of transportation at Mavern Divison in Scarborough. He was the main person in charge of the operations of busses in the north east area of Toronto. He was eventually promoted to a higher position within the TTC. To have a charge asked of this degree to be reduced to a conditional sentence is terribly wrong. He should suffer as long as he has been free of this charge. Meanning 35 years. If he is able to not go to JAIL for what he did to this girl then the Judicial system in this CASE is corrupt. Ther are cases in the courts now for less serious of a crime that would have setences of lenghty time. I feel this girl should go to the Supreme Court Of Canada to get what he deserves.....


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