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Friday, February 08, 2013

City of Vaughan Twitter Account Down After Profane Tweet

Torstar News ServiceThe City of Vaughan has suspended its Twitter account after a profane snowstorm rant appeared on it Friday morning.

City of Vaughan Twitter account has profane snowstorm tweet

The City of Vaughan pulled down its entire Twitter account and apologized Friday morning after a profane snowstorm rant was posted there and become lingered for almost an hour.
Vaughan is investigating how it happened, including the possibility its account was hacked, the city said in a statement. Another possibility is an official user who also has a private account posted in the wrong place.
At 7:32 a.m., this appeared on the @City_of_Vaughan account (Torstar News Service has redacted the offensive word) : “Everyone on my street has double gararges…who are these —-nuts who don’t put their car in the garage when we get 2 feet of snow? #dumb”
The rant was retweeted and favourited, becoming a local viral hit until the city’s entire account was suspended.
One user tweeted: “Toronto? You have Rob Ford. In Vaughan we have po’d city employee w/Tourette’s w/full access to city’s official twitterm.”
Another said: “wow…someone’s either gotten hacked or getting fired this morning”
And another noted: “Use extreme caution when juggling a personal and professional twitter account on a single mobile device.”
The statement from Vaughan released just before 10 a.m. states: “The City of Vaughan apologies for the inappropriate tweet that came earlier today from its corporate Twitter account.
“The City has temporarily suspended the account and is investigating the cause of this tweet, including the possibility of the account being hacked by an unauthorized user.
More information on the cause of this matter will be released as it becomes known.”
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