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Friday, February 22, 2013

Doug Ford Please Don't Speak On My Behalf

"Show some integrity & say your sorry" 
 Because of some loopholes and some crazy reasoning Rob Ford gets to stay in office and now Doug Ford is demanding Toronto integrity commissioner Janet Leiper say sorry to his brother for doing her job.

Boo Hoo... Cry me a river. Would you like some cheese to go with that wine? 

Please Doug Ford, Rob Ford & Company please do not speak on my behalf (and i'm pretty sure the residents who did not vote for your brother feel the same).

How about you and your brother if you can find the time (from all that busy stuff what ever you do besides what you are susposed to be doing for Toronto) look up the word INTEGRITY, well your at it look up conflict of interest, and see if it fits.

How about showing real leadership? How about you and your brother say sorry, there are tons of reasons for that, that's the least you can do.
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