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Friday, February 01, 2013

How Do We Pay For New Public Transit Infrastructure In Toronto

TTCriders will be attending public consultation meetings hosted by the City of Toronto and the Provincial agency, Metrolinx.  if you want to join us then email  We are also developing a position statement on the issue of how we fund public transit.  Read how Council voted against a motion to reinvest the TTC's operating surplus back into the TTC.  And don't forget to become a TTCriders member.


Metrolinx, a regional transit agency of the Province, is conducting public consultation on their transportation plan, The Big Move. They want to know how we should pay for 22 transit expansion projects planned for the Greater Toronto/Hamilton Area (GTHA).
In Toronto, Metrolinx has taken charge of delivering four new Light Rail Transit (LRT) Projects ($8.4 billion) and future projects include a Downtown Relief Line ($6.2 billion).
Here is a list of funding tools they suggest we choose from to pay for this new public transit infrastructure:
  • Employer/Employee Payroll Tax
  • Auto Insurance Tax
  • Carbon Emissions Tax
  • Car Rental Fee
  • Cordon Charge (toll for entering or exiting certain zones)
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Development Charges
  • Drivers' Licence Tax
  • Fuel Tax
  • High Occupancy Tolls (single occupancy cars using HOV lanes)
  • Highway Tolls
  • Land Transfer Tax
  • Land Value Capture
  • New Vehicle Sales Tax
  • Parking Sales Tax
  • Parking Space Levy
  • Property Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Tax Increment Financing (stimulates development in dilapidated areas)
  • Transit Fare Increase
  • Transit Fare Restructuring (peak/off peak pricing)
  • Utility Levy
  • Vehicle Registration Tax
  • Vehicle Kilometres Travelled Charge
For a more comprehensive explanation of funding tools click here
Metrolinx is hosting roundtable discussions across the GTHA. TTCRiders will be attending the meeting in North York: North York Central Library, Auditorium 6-8 pm on February 5th  and the meeting in Toronto: Metro Hall, Room 308 from 1-3 pm on February 9th.  To meet up with us and attend these meetings please email us at


The City of Toronto is also conducting public consultations on funding for public transit. These events are as follows:
Mon Feb 4 4:00-6:30pm and 6:30-9:00pm
York Civic Centre, Council Chamber / Foyer
2700 Eglinton Ave West
Wed Feb 6 4:00-6:30pm and 6:30-9:00pm
Scarborough Civic Centre, Council Chamber / Foyer
150 Borough Drive
Mon Feb 11 4:00-6:30pm and 6:30-9:00pm
North York Civic Centre,  Members Lounge / Foyer
5100 Yonge Street

Wed Feb 13 4:00-6:30pm and 6:30-9:00pm
City Hall, Main Floor Foyer
100 Queen Street West
It is important that Metrolinx and the City of Toronto hear from us, the people who ride the TTC. If you are able to attend any of these meetings please email us at We will provide you with background information and a list of questions.


Thanks to all of you who called your City Councillor asking them to support a motion to put $5 million from our $100 million surplus back into TTC operations for 2013. This money would have helped alleviate the need for another five cent fare increase. Unfortunately the motion was lost (14 - 31). It is especially discouraging since the TTC generated a $22 million surplus from overcrowding last year due to service cuts -money that could have been used for a fare freeze or to lower fares. Instead it was funnelled back into City coffers.
To read a copy of TTCRiders presentation on the five cent fare increase to the TTC Commission click here.
To see a map of City Wards click here


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