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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Men accused of robbing friend at gunpoint for $1

Texas - Two men are 

accused of beating up a 

friend, robbing him at 

gunpoint and walking 

away with only a dollar 

found in the man's 


Randy Chinonso Dike, 25, and Leonardo Taveras, 24, 

were arrested last Thursday for aggravated robbery after 

the incident on Feb. 10 at the 12700 block of Bryant 

Rock, court records show. 

A Houston man told investigators he received a call from 

Taveras, whom he knew by name, sight and voice, 

asking him to meet with him to help with his vehicle. 

When he arrived, Taveras and Dike accused the man of 

burglarizing an apartment several months before, he told 

police. The man denied to investigators that he stole 

from Taveras' home. 

Dike charged at the man and punched the man in the 

torso several times, court records show. Taveras then 

opened the trunk and took a shotgun out of his car 

parked at the scene and pointed it at the man, records 


With a shotgun pointed at him, the man told 

investigators Dike went through his pockets and took a 

one-dollar bill. 

Both are in custody with $50,000 bond. 
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