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Monday, February 11, 2013

Police show restraint while evacuating an apartment complex after receiving a Dorner sighting. No one was shot

DORNER MANHUNT: San Bernardino apartment surrounded before dawn


The manhunt for suspected cop-killer Christopher Dorner enveloped a San Bernardino apartment building before dawn because of a report that the ex-LAPD officer was hiding there — though it wasn’t true.
A SWAT team along with officers from San Bernardino, Riverside and Irvine swarmed the area about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 10, at 1525 East Eureka Street, just west of Del Rosa Avenue.
“There was a false report that Christopher Dorner had been spotted at a residence at that location,” said Lt. Michael Madden, the watch commander at San Bernardino Police Department. “We didn’t evacuate anybody. People were just ordered to remain indoors.”
The occupants of one apartment unit were required to come out so that officers could make sure Dorner wasn’t inside. Then the police left.
A $1 million reward has been offered for the arrest and conviction of the 33-year-old former polilceman officer and Navy lieutenant who was fired by LAPD for making  accusations of police brutality against his training officer.

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