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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rob Ford Can't Even Clean Up His Own House How He Going To Clean Up TCHC

Rob Ford vowed to have Toronto Community Housing “cleaned up,” following allegations of kickbacks and other wrongdoing related to repair work at the public housing agency.
“I’ve heard for years there has been problems there, but it’s hard to catch these people sometimes. So, we’re on to ’em., what does he do when people who look at him and what he's doing as a leader, not a very good example. Hopefully we catch ’em and prosecute ’em. I won’t tolerate anybody committing fraud in the city, especially when it does not look legal or you don't take a line from his play book and if they do get caught, they’re found guilty in the courts, they’re done. I don’t want them back in the city.” Is that City Hall or does he mean the City of Toronto, like those people who are in gangs.
CEO Gene Jones announced Wednesday that TCHC had hired a firm to investigate “possible improprieties” by vendors and staff related to repair work at the agency. A investigation that will will good back years, and I for one will not hold my breath for quick findings if you catch my drift.
“We have a pattern where we think there are maybe some kickbacks, maybe some improprieties, maybe double-billing of work, there may be shoddy work,” said Mr. Jones, who promised to go to the police if the probe uncovered criminal activity.
The mayor suggested the issues may be widespread. “I think it’s pretty deep. From the stories I’ve heard, it’s going on a long time. I think we could have a serious problem on our hands,” he said. Really, what course did he take to come to that conclusion, and that's the only thing that makes sense that came from Ford, when he said  widespread. “I think it’s pretty deep. Well it's not rocket science when a distraction was elected and he is the main focus, you kinda wonder what's really going on behind closed doors.

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