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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sweet Remedy: more about Aspartame

Aspartame is a poison, and it is hidden in
thousandsof processed foods and soft
drinks under the brand names Nutrasweet
and Equal, among others.

If aspartame were a natural substance, it
wouldprobably be banned in the U.S. by
the FDA. Some experts say aspartame
receives 75% of the complaintsto the FDA
about food additives.

The documentary Sweet Remedy gives
insight into the effects of aspartame. If
you can't watch the full documentary, the
first 25 minutes give an excellent

If you can't watch 25 minutes, I've also
included the link to the 3-minute trailer.

The poisonous effects of Aspartame

If you are consuming aspartame-containing
products, watch this now

This documentary exposes the propaganda 

surrounding the poison-chemical sweetener called 

Aspartame. It discusses the health effects, the media 

cover-up, and the hidden agenda of the U.S. agencies 

and corporate organizations that profit off the poison

 called Aspartame.

If aspartame were a natural substance, the FDA 

would undoubtedly have taken it off the market by now.

The above video is the trailer for the documentary.

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