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Monday, February 18, 2013

Talking to first graders about the Sandy Hook tragedy is a pretty daunting task, especially when you're their teacher and you're pretending to shoot them

‘Teacher suspended for pretending to shoot 1st graders in game’ (©myfoxatlanta / )

Teacher pretended to shoot kids during Sandy Hook game

In light of the spate of horrible campus shootings, schools across the country are understandably on-edge. So it probably isn’t the smartest decision to teach a group of first-graders about the Sandy Hook shootings by playing a game in which you pretend to shoot them. That ill-advised game is what led to the recent suspension of a teacher at The Odyssey School in Newnan, Ga. The teacher, who is a middle school band director, was filling in as a sub for a first-grade P.E. class when he decided he would have the kids play hide-and-seek and pretend shoot some of them. Yeah, not the best idea. The suspended teacher will have to undergo training, while the kids have been offered counselling. [Source]
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