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Saturday, February 09, 2013

The bottom line on How to fix the health care system

Your health is in your hands

Jeff Novick used to use his scientific training in the service of the processed food industry. Then as he began to learn more about health and the effect of food on health he did a rapid about face.

How do we fix the medical-industrial complex? He talks about the  American System but it no different here in Canada as well.

How do we keep it from ruining so many lives and bankrupting the nation? How do we stop it from causing so much needless suffering? How to stop it from prematurely ending so many lives and crippling many others?

I'm inclined to agree with Novick.

The level of institutionally entrenched waste, incompetence, corruption and in some cases malevolence has reached such a level, it may be unfixable.

But that doesn't mean you and the people you love have to go down with the ship.

Take advantage of the videos and articles featured on The Toronto Post in our HeathNutrition, Food  sections  and share them with your friends, neighbors and loved ones. 

There's a positive revolution going on and you can not only become part of it, but also be one the the beneficiaries.

Your health is in your hands and is not dependent on the good will of the government of the medical-industrial complex.
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