Stealing Africa
Zambia’s copper resources have not made the 
country rich. Virtually all Zambia’s copper 
mines are owned by corporations. In the last 
ten years, they’ve extracted copper worth $29 
billion but Zambia is still ranked one of the 
twenty poorest countries in the world.
So why hasn’t copper wealth reduced poverty in Zambia? 
Once again it comes down to the issue of tax, or in 
Zambia’s case, tax avoidance and the use of tax havens.
Tax avoidance by corporations costs poor countries and 
estimated $160 billion a year, almost double what they 
receive in international aid. That’s enough to save the 
lives of 350,000 children aged five or under every year.
For every $1 given in aid to a poor country, $10 drains 
out. Vital money that could help a poor country pay for 
healthcare, schools, pensions and infrastructure. Money 
that would make them less reliant on aid.
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