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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Time to make some changes to your diet?

Food is emotional. We all have associations

with foods, both positive and negative.

When the time comes to make some
changes in how we eat, overwhelm can
stall us.

What do I really need to change? How do
I start moving toward optimal health? Do
I have to do it all at once? Here are some
tips for getting started.

Dietary changes you can try on for size

Short term immersion into health

Changing to a healthier diet can sometimes be scary. Sometimes we don't know how to adapt to a new way of eating. We have a lifetime of habits we're comfortable with.

Don't worry about what you'll be eating a year from now. Just focus on the next few weeks and see how you feel.

Dr. Neal Barnard gives practical tips for making short term changes.

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