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Friday, February 08, 2013

#TOstorm - Snow by the numbers

TORONTO – Whether you find yourself stuck in traffic or nursing some hot cocoa at home, here are some fun facts about the snow as you ride out the current storm.

20 cm: The amount of snowfall expected between Thursday night and Friday evening
15 per cent: The percentage of Toronto’s total annual snowfall expected to fall during this storm
2.5 cm: Minimum amount of snowfall required before snow plows begin clearing expressways
5 cm: The amount of snowfall required before snowplows begin clear main roads
15 – 20: Number of hours after the storm that the city aims to have local roads cleared
72: Hours the city asks you to wait before reporting that your street has not been cleared
12: The number of hours residents have to clear ice and snow from sidewalks adjacent to their properties (as set by the city)
$125.00: Fine incurred for not removing snow within the requisite amount of time 
3-1-1: The City of Toronto’s information line. Dial it to get information about city snow removal practices or to make a service request
200: amount of salt trucks on the road
150,000 tonnes: Approximate amount of salt used by the city annually
12,000 tonnes: The amount of salt the city anticipates using to address the current snowfall –or 8 per cent of Toronto’s projected salt usage
136 tonnes: The hourly amount of snow processed by Toronto’s snow melting machine 
1,900: The number of snow clearing/removal workers in Toronto (1,000 city staff, 900 contractors)

Read it on Global News: Global Toronto | Toronto snow by the numbers 
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